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It began with a simple question-

"Mommy, why do Ninis' hands shake, and she sometimes cannot walk?"

Well, I explained, Grandma Nini has a disease called Parkinson's that makes her hands and face quiver and also makes her legs very stiff. It is very painful for her to walk. I went on to tell my inquisitive five year old about the VERY SMART scientists that are working hard to find a magic solution to help Nini get better!

He then declared- "I will whip up my magic pretzels to help them make Nini better too!"

My three boys have been dipping pretzel rods in melted chocolate and then twirling them in little candies for years! We called them our "magic wands"! We brought them to bake sales, birthday parties, sporting events, holiday celebrations and anywhere the kids could have an excuse to indulge in some chocolate magic!

How brilliant! My five year old came up with a great idea! While the researchers are working diligently to find a cure for Parkinson's, we can work our "own magic" to raise money to fund additional Parkinson's Research and Trials!

That day "Pretzels for Parkinson's" was born! Our mission is to spread our "Crunch for a Cure" motto! We will educate the masses on the debilitating disease, Parkinson's (PD), and also provide a yummy treat to raise money for further research! All with the intention of finding a cure for Nini and the millions like her who struggle every day!

Our "Pretzels with a Purpose" idea has since exploded!!! We have partnered with a famous Chocolatier to produce our high quality, handmade chocolate covered pretzel rods and ship them around the world!

Join us in our fight against Parkinson's- and enjoy our chocolate "magic wands" at the same time ("Confections with a Cause")!

P4P will be adding new flavor combinations throughout the year! (specialty candy toppings, cookie toppings and more!) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Submit your own confection combination ideas!